Easter Weekend Camping, Koocanusa, BC

This is the first time that we have camped on the Easter long weekend, and it didn’t disappoint! The weather in the Calgary area has been chilly and rainy, so we headed to Koocanusa, BC, where the weather is always just a bit warmer than here, which was true for this weekend as well.

Lake Koocanusa is located in southern BC, southwest of Fernie and just north of the Roosville border crossing to the USA. It is a man made reservoir with many camping areas, ATV trails, housboating, boating, and other lake activities. Lake levels vary throughout the year, so if you are into water activities, it is best to check the levels!

Packing up our trailer is always a challenge. Because we live in a townhouse, we have to store it elsewhere, so trying to remember everything you need can be a struggle, we always end up forgetting something, but can usually make it work for the weekend. We also have to try and jam all our gear, our motorbikes, and ourselves in the truck until we pick up the trailer and are able to transfer everything inside it. Also, our trailer isn’t particularly large, only 18 feet, so we have to be careful not to overpack.

The trip to Koocanusa from Calgary takes about 4 hours depending on traffic and the amount of stops you have to make. Gunnar has been camping before, but is now at the age where he is able to have a bit more “freedom” as he can now understand where camp is and when we tell him not to  wander off, he listens (mostly). Because the Easter weekend isn’t as busy as other long weekends, our trip down was uneventful. We found our friends, set up everything, and relaxed for the afternoon. The view from the campsite was pretty amazing.

We brought our bikes, but I didn’t expect to ride that much as we didn’t have anyone to watch Gunnar. I was ok with that as I was enjoying watching him explore and play all day. He was so good and stayed within eyesight at all times. Just seeing the excitement and joy he had while riding his bike and exploring was worth it.

Since my motorbike was being unused, and we had the proper helmet for Gunnar, Derek even took him for a slow, short ride. He loves it so much that he didn’t want to get off, and asked to go back on it again and again!

But the weekend was just too much excitement for the little guy, it tuckered him out so much that he fell asleep before we even left the campsite. It has been less than a day since we got back, and all he has asked is to go back camping in the trailer.

Now it is the clean up stage of laundry and dishes that we didn’t get to before we left camp. We are planning our next camping trip already, but that won’t be until May.

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