What’s your unicorn?

I am still trying to get through two Rubbermaid bins of yarn that were gifted to me by my mom. So I decided to take on the task of making stuffies for all my classmates kids. This was an enormous task that I didn’t quite get done, but I am keeping in contact with all of them so I still hope to eventually get them all finished.

In my first year, a classmate’s wife had a little boy. He also has a little girl, so I wanted to make something for her as well so that she didn’t feel left out. It took me a long time to find the perfect idea. The idea for the unicorn didn’t come easy, but thanks to the Applecheeks Facebook group, Peace, Love, Applecheeks, I decided on the unicorn for his little girl. This group is dedicated to applecheeks cloth diapers, and the members are always looking for their “unicorn” diapers that it has become a funny and recurring theme. I cloth diaper (hopefully potty training soon though!) my son, and while I don’t exclusively use applecheeks diapers, they were one of the first brands I used on my son, and their 3-ply bamboo inserts are the most absorbent I have come across!

After searching for a pattern, I decided to go with the Rainbow Cuddles Unicorn from One Dog Woof. The pattern itself was very easy to follow. I made one small change, which was adding a curly-cue mane instead of following what was written in the pattern. Either way, the finished product is absolutely adorable!

Here is the finished product! I hope you like it, and I highly recommend this pattern to crochet enthusiasts everywhere!

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