How to Make Your Dragon

In continuing with my unicorn blog post, I made a dragon for my classmate’s little boy. I had wanted to try and make the Amigurumi To Go Dragon, but I was running out of time and needed something smaller and quicker to make up. I still plan on making the Amigurumi To Go dragon as my son is really into them as well, but it is a future project.

I decided to go back to the first ever dragon pattern I ever came across, the Fierce Little Dragon by Lucy Collin. It is a free pattern available through the Ravelry website, downloadable as a PDF. This is beneficial if you don’t have a tablet to work off of, you can print it off if needed.

I followed the pattern as outlined, with one small error. I forgot to leave a tail for sewing on one of the hind legs. This was easily rememdied by taking a single length of yarn to sew it on to the body.

The part that I dislike the most about amigurumi is the sewing. Things usually look crooked and nothing like the pattern pictures! But this little dragon turned out better than I expected. This is a pattern that I will go back to in the future for sure!

I gave the dragon and the unicorn to my classmate on our graduation day. He gave them to his children that day when we had a break between our class presentations and the ceremony. His wife mentioned that they had to go into a store and to keep thier little boy occupied, they brought it in with them and he played with it the entire time. Their little girl wouldn’t let go of her unicorn and even brought it to the ceremony that afternoon. She came over and gave me a big thank-you. This is why I crochet, it not only makes me happy, but it also gives joy to others!

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