Camping Vacation

This is the first time in a few years that we took extended time off together, so we decided to go camping in Koocanusa. The long arduous task of loading the trailer and bikes wasn’t so bad as we took one of our days off to get organized. That helped a lot let me tell you. We had to take two vehicles this time as we were hauling out three bikes. That was ok with me as I was able to drive out by myself and enjoy the scenery!

Since we drive through the Crowsnest Pass, I decided to stop at the Burmis Tree. I was born in Pincher Creek, lived in Lundbreck and my mom worked in Bellevue (Crowsnest Pass). When I was a kid, I would always wait to pass the “leaning tree” when driving to the Pass. It is something that has stuck with me all of my life and I do cherish my childhood memories from living in the area. What I was really surprised when I stopped to take the picture was how it turned out. I wasn’t trying to frame Frank Slide in between the two trees, but when I looked at the photo afterward, I was impressed by how it turned out. I am no photographer by any means so having it turn out this way made me happy. I can’t wait to share all of they neat places in the Pass with Gunnar when he is older. If you are curious as to what the area has to offer, check out the Crowsnest Pass website. The town is so rich with history that you could spend a few days exploring everything!

Reluctantly, I left my exploring of the Pass and continued to Koocanusa, but my disappointment didn’t last long. The weather out in Koocanusa was gorgeous except for one night where it rained. The bugs also seemed a bit worse than previous trips but still very manageable. We pretty much had an area to ourselves and only had one other trailer camp with us. It was five days of relaxation. We weren’t in a rush to do anything, even biking. Derek took Gunnar on pretty much as many bike rides as he wanted, and went on a few by himself. I even got to go on a a couple. One where Derek doubled Gunnar and we went as a family, and one where Derek and I got to go by ourselves. Our fellow campers were nice enough to watch Gunnar for the afternoon. Gunnar loved them, so he didn’t complain too much. The rest of the time I crocheted and read, Derek fixed some bikes and drank beer ;), and Gunnar rode his strider bike and collected rocks and twigs.

On our solo ride, Derek took me on some trails to Highway 93, then at Elko, we turned off on some forestry roads that he went on a couple of days before. He took me to a waterfall that he found on the side of the road where we stopped and cooled off a bit. The water was cold, but very refreshing.

We saw a few vehicles parked down the road from us so we decided to check it out. Turns out there was An even bigger waterfall that you could hike down to. We didn’t go down too far as biking boots are really not ideal for hiking, but the view from the top was pretty amazing anyway. I wonder if these waterfalls have names, but couldn’t find them on a map.

We then took some roads that neither of us had been on and ended up at a dead end. An unmaintained bridge forced us to turn around and head back to camp and relieve our fellow campers. 

Gunnar had a great adventure with our friends. They took him for a bike ride and to a lake nearby. They just got back before we did and Gunnar didn’t miss us at all.

None of us wanted to leave we were enjoying ourselves so much. It was a great way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. But duty calls and we both had to head back to work. Looking forward to next summer where we are going to take some time off to travel to the east coast of Canada. Then we can both say we have been to every province in Canada, and we will only have the territories to cross off the list!

On the way home, I wasn’t solo, but still did some exploring anyway. So I decided to stop at another favourite childhood haunt, Lundbreck Falls. I remember spending many summer days there swimming, catching minnows and daring each other to walk out on the rocks near the falls. None of us ever made it that far, and now they have fences and viewing areas, which is probably better. Daring each other to walk out on the rocks was not a very smart idea and now there are safety measures. Gunnar liked the falls but didn’t want to get too close. It was nice to get out of the car and stretch our legs for a bit. Lundbreck Falls has a nice day use area and campground. It would be a great base camp if you ever wanted to explore the Crowsnest Pass ;).

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